Weighing and dosing systems, including microdosing

Ergobulk Engineering designs, manufactures and installs weighing and dosing systems for solids and liquids. The capacities of our weighing systems range from the dosing of a few grammars to the weighing of large silos and tanks.

Micro-dosing systems are also provided. They can be made in various sizes and in various types for different kinds of materials. Weighing can be either on a fixed weighing hopper or a weighing hopper placed on a linear motion system, so a big number of materials can be micro-dosed in the same system.

Also, we provide weighing systems that can be combined with various applications, as bagging systems, check weighing and loss-in-weight systems.

For special needs, other types of mass metering are provided, like volumetric systems with flow-meters and/or dosing pumps.